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Most DANGEROUS Waterslides EVER Created!

Top 5 Best

Most DANGEROUS Waterslides EVER Created!

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No summer is complete until we hit a water park! At least that's what thrill seekers say once the sun is out and they get in line, waiting to go on their favorite rides. But some rides can be a bit too extreme and might make you think twice, unless you're really up for a challenge. Today we'll be looking at some of the most dangerous waterslides in the world. It's a miracle that some of them are still open. Make sure you check out number one! It’s a real treat for those who like to live on the edge, and a nightmare for those who like to play it safe.

Number 10: The Aqualoop

If you love waterparks, you’ve probably seen The Aqualoop before. This water slide is at different waterparks all around the world and if you came across it, you are not likely to ever forget it. In The Aqualoop, riders stand on an enclosed platform and are then released down an almost vertical slide that ends in a loop it all happens within just a matter of seconds. This ride is so fast, that you can easily get stuck halfway through the loop if you’re not wearing proper clothes. For that reason, some parks will even ask riders to wear their swim shorts inside out, to avoid having any zippers or cords getting stuck on the walls of this thrilling slide. Would you take the risk of going on this ride? It will only take you a few seconds to know whether you made it out or not. But don’t worry! The few reported minor incidents at the aqualoop have been from people who didn’t follow the park instructions. Make sure you listen to the staff, wearing the right clothes and get ready to release all that adrenaline built up inside of you. Once you’re out you’ll want to go back up for more rounds.

Number 9: The Scorpion’s Tail

Was The Aqualoop not thrilling or challenging enough for you? Try The Scorpion’s Tail at Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin. The Scorpion’s Tail is considered America’s first looping water slide and Noah’s Ark is considered America’s biggest waterpark so you definitely must visit this place! What makes this ride more thrilling and dangerous than the regular Aqualoop, is it’s height and length. This ride is as high as a ten storey building and slightly longer than a football field. Can you imagine going down ten storeys and be sent into a loop while covering the same distance of a football field, in just a matter of seconds? That is possible at The Scorpion’s Tail! Just like The Aqualoop, no major incidents have been reported at The Scorpion’s Tail, but that doesn’t mean your heart will be beating any slower. If you’re afraid of heights, it will take you some courage to go up those stairs and let go of that fear.

Number 8: Faser

If you’ve ever driven a car, you’ve probably tested your limits at some point, just to see how fast you can go. But it’s a bit hard to reach high speeds without being on some sort of vehicle. The Faser challenges that idea as it makes your body slide down as fast as your car, on a very long slide. This is one of the twenty slides at Germany’s famous Galaxyerding water park. It is considered one of the most intense rides at the park (and in the world) as it sends you down at a speed so fast that might remind you of those times you broke the speed limit on the road. At some point, the park had to ban women from getting on The Faser The high speed and the impact of the water at the bottom of the slide caused injuries on six women, in their genital area. The park authorities came to the conclusion that the ride was not good for the female anatomy. I guess that’s what happens when you go too fast.

Number 7: Insano

When you think of Brazil, you probably think of loud carnivals, lots of colors and exotic landscapes that will take your breath away. Surprisingly, there is something else in Brazil, that will take your breath away and I’m not sure it’s in the way you’re thinking. Brazil just happens to be home to Insano, one of the tallest waterslides in the world. In fact, when it opened in the late 80s, it was immediately considered the tallest and fastest by Guinness World Records.

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