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Most Awkward Moments of 2018 | Steezy Kane

Steezy Kane

Love you guys so much, thanks for an amazing year.❤️ We started off 2018 with 700 subs and now we're standing next to 1 MILLION🤯. Can't wait to see what 2019 brings... stay f *cking tuned😉


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Bye Strange Laughing in the Library. Lucid Dreams (IN PUBLIC). Giving Love Notes to Girls (ft. Steezy Kane). Awkward Handshaking Strangers. Literally Falling For Girls 2. Steezy Learns How To Drive. NEW CAMERA!!! Sony A6300. Re-visiting The Santa Monica Pier. CHEATERS CAUGHT - SHE HAD THEM KICK ROCKS IN THE RAIN. Reacting To My Old Videos.

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