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Morning Qigong With Br.Insight|Thich Man Tue| Week#8 | Qigong Routine For Neck Back Hips

Qigong Meditation

Dear Friends,
Br Insight offered Live Stream Morning Qigong Exercise / Week#8 | for Neck, Lower Back, and Hips on Sat, Jan, 01, 2021, @ 7:10 Am New York Time.
This Routine will help you to Relax and Heal your Neck, Lower Back, and Hips.

In this video includes:
Warm ups Movements:
1.Stretching Palms
2.Circle Arms
3.Bending Lower Back :
4.Separating Heaven and Earth, Twisting Body:
5.Body Curving, Looking Up and Down:
6.The Dragon:
Massage Movements.
Relaxing :

You can apply this Routine in the Morning or in the Afternoon Exercise Time.
Learn More about Qigong Meditation at Chanel:

Video recorded, edited, and Performed by Thich Man Tue ( Br Insight)

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Thank you and enjoy your exercise in mindfulness with a lot of joy and peace .

Health disclaimer: Please consult your physician before doing any of these exercises.

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