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Mixing $10,000 of Slime Challenge & Learn How To Make A Pool of Diy Giant Mystery Slime

Collins Key

You’ll learn how to make a giant and expensive diy mystery slime! We’re mixing together $10,000 worth of slime ingredients in a mini pool bath and it wouldn’t be complete without a mystery wheel switch up at the end. Watch as brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in a do it yourself slime making competition to create the ultimate mega slime. There is homemade $1000 slime, pancake art breakfast egg slime, science experiment volcano lava slime, colorful “too much ingredients” slime, fluffy slime, and even a hilarious at home slime workout routine!  It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and life hack compilation series.

Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
· Clear Glue
· Fake Snow
· Squishy
· Rubber Bands
· Foam Sponges
· White Glue
· Sta Flo
· Glitter Glue
· Baking Soda
· Vinegar
· Shaving Cream
· Silly String
· Baseball Bat
· Lacrosse Stick
· Packing Peanuts
· Metallic Color Pigment
· Oster Blender
· Spatula
· Spoon
· Contact Solution
· Pancake Art Mix
· Toast
· Styrofoam
· Balloons
· Face Mask
· Moisturizer
· Corn Starch
· Beads
· Sand

#slime #challenge #howto #$10,000 #diy
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