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Midnight Lofi - Fall Vibes 🍂 Lofi Hip Hop Beats

The Midnight Society

Seasonal Sessions follow a girl and her dog. Whether they're staying cozy by the fire through a Winter storm, or out on the front porch carving pumpkins for Halloween. Seasonal Sessions give a voyeuristic view of their life in the country together. Each animation and accompanying mix is part of the story that moves their journey forward.

This channel is a unique collaboration between illustrator Natalie Clapp & Audio Engineer Chris Morris of The Midnight Society®, LLC. This mix and illustrated animation can be found nowhere else. This stream's playlist and animation has been curated for our viewers with the overall emphasis on story telling, meditation, and relaxation while seamlessly placing the viewer inside the narrative of the girl and her dog.

Midnight Lofi Postcards & Woven Blankets

Illustration & Animation by Natalie Clapp of The Midnight Society®, LLC

Mixed by Chris Morris of The Midnight Society®, LLC


(0:00) fantompower Endless Ether
(3:15) Philanthrope, mommy, cocabona, Monma, Misha embrace
(5:17) fantompower Morning Dew
(7:30) No Spirit Forest Lake Walk
(9:56) Strehlow, Chris Mazuera Lagoons
(12:25) When To Say Goodbye Ward Wills
(14:02) fantompower blankets
(17:05) dryhope One Reason
(19:39) Psalm//Trees, Guillaume Muschalle Lazy French Beagles
(22:06) Aso Snug
(25:00) Philanthrope, Yasper Slopes
(28:11) dryhope landing
(30:25) SwuM Chinatown
(32:19) Aso Ur Ok
(34:32) fantompower We Let Go
(36:39) dryhope Envision
(38:29) fantompower From Nothing
(40:07) Pandrezz, Kyle McEvoy Half Asleep
(42:00) Miscél Need Someone
(43:15) Ward Wills, Middle School Can’t Find The Words
(45:56) Philanthrope, mommy, Kyle McEvoy Thinking of You
(47:56) Sleepy Fish Fall’s Echoes
(50:28) Xander Fog
(53:34) cocabona, Monma Sleepy
(55:18) No Spirit Something Warm
(57:25) No Spirit, dryhope Aerials

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