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Mexico Earthquake Hit My School


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Marie was a victim of the Central Mexico (Puebla) Earthquake on September 19th 2017. While so many lost their lives, were injured, or lost their homes and property, Marie was lucky her house didn't crumble, just a few cracks here and there, and her loved ones and family were all okay, and obviously she didn't die. But it was one of the scariest moments in her life and one she will never forget. This is a scary story, a scary TRUE story.

The day of the earthquake Marie was at school with her friends, and, as weird as it is, that day the school had scheduled an earthquake drill like a fire drill but specifically for a catastrophe like the earthquake that happened in Mexico City on that exact same day in 1985 THE EXACT SAME DAY, September 19, but 32 years earlier.

Marie was in math class and the bell and earthquake alarm went off, as scheduled, for the practice run. They all knew it was just a drill and so, slowly and casually they started walking out and evacuating the school. One of Marie's friends was joking around on their way out and said "Hey, what if a real earthquake happened today? Wouldn't that be so hilarious?" They all laughed convenient since they were already evacuating the school, and it was the anniversary of that big earthquake in Mexico City from before she was born.

After they had evacuated the school as a practice they waited for a bit and then all headed back to the classes they were in before the drill. After math she had computer class. It was 1:00. After about 10 minutes Marie started to feel weird, a little nauseous and sick to her stomach, like she was going to throw up but it wasn't really her insides that were causing it, it was actually they very beginning of the earthquake, like the ground was swaying just slightly and everything felt a little off balance.

The feeling started getting stronger, and she noticed the tremors, and the actual shaking, and for a second thought she was imaging it, or hallucinating. Then, all of a sudden, one of her classmates screamed "IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!" and everyone just stopped, shocked and silent, realizing what was going on around them but the alarm, the one that had just been tested an hour earlier wasn't going off. There was total quiet for a second, and then, they panicked full on, crazy panic.

Their teacher tried to calm them down, told them to stay cool and breathe and to just slowly and easily head down the stairs and back outside just like they did in the drill. It was time to escape. They didn't listen instead they started running toward the stairs all at once. Someone behind her yelled "A PIECE OF THE ROOF JUST FELL" and suddenly they were all running down the stairs as fast they could, then as the shaking got worse, even faster, and then when they noticed the stairs beginning to crack and crumble, they went even fast, practically falling down the stairs pushing and screaming and crying.

Marie kept repeating to herself "I don't want to die today. Just get out. Get out!"

After they had evacuated and gotten clear of the building the shaking and rumbling seemed to go on forever, but finally the earthquake started to calm down. The kids all looked at each other, they were all alright. Kids were already trying to call their parents and family and some couldn't reach them the phone service was out they were crying and scared.

They couldn't go back into the school building there were cracks everywhere and pieces of the roof had fallen through into the hallways and classrooms. She, her friends, classmates and teachers were all dismissed from school to go home to their families.

When she finally got home Marie watched the news/ The newscast showed how terrible the earthquake had been and how much damage it had done it was so scary, terrifying. She and her friends were so lucky and she felt so grateful to be alive and unharmed when so many were in such pain.

Now she and her school are working to raise money to help all the cities and towns that were so devastated in the earthquake 2017.

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