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Meet the Yorkshire Terrier in the first Enchanted Forest program

Del Bosque Encantado

Del Bosque Enchanted is the video Blog of the Animal Therapist and Communicator, Llanin Marco. A weekly program where we intend to offer an insight into the animal world showing the relationships of man with his pets, the curiosities of animals, their diseases, the role of veterinarians and other aspects related to the animal world, both domestic and wild. Each delivery will begin with a brief introduction of the chapter, during the program they will have direct access through banner to suppliers or additional information, as well as after finishing the program of the day you will be able to see a bait of the next delivery.

Llanin Marco is a canine psychologist. Bach Flower Therapist, Essential Oils, energy channeler, Reiki, Doula of the animal soul and Animal Comunicator.

posted by ptimousseeh