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Meet Snilly: Whippet Puppy to 1 Year Old

cathy lu

Watch as our adorable 3 month old fawn brindle whippet puppy grows to 1 year old!
What was it like to adopt her, potty train her, teach her tricks, and watch her grow up?
I answer all of that in the video, as well as how she got along with our 5 year old whippet Snoot.

The video all about Snoot:

Want more adorable puppy Snilly?
A vlog of when we first adopted her:
5 month old Snilly tries Halloween costumes!

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Timestamps »
0:00 intro
0:42 bringing her home
1:00 did snoot like snilly?
2:09 potty training
3:17 food food food
4:37 thats so fetch
5:05 chaos
6:23 first time at dog park
7:04 play pen
8:14 baby grows up
9:41 teething
10:57 treat hog
11:46 postteething
12:32 puppy vs 1 year

Music »
image by lukrembo
pigs gotta fly by solenye
7pm by solenye
afternoon nap by ghostrifter
places by bloome
marshmellow by lukrembo
mug by lukrembo

Filmed Aug 2019 to May 2020.

posted by usluzio1