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Meet Nicki Minaj: The Queen Of DDK9s | DOG DYNASTY


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THE OWNER of the world’s biggest pitbull, Hulk has revealed the secret behind the name of the latest superdog off his production line – Nicki Minaj. In the latest episode of hit online series Dog Dynasty, the owner of specialist dog breeders DDK9s, Marlon Grennan introduces us to Nicki Minaj, a dog whose attitude he claims matches up to the famous rap superstar. “My Nicki Minaj has a ‘tude”, said Marlon, “and, from what I can see, the real Nicki Minaj has a ‘tude too – it’s queen attitude! They’re both beautiful, both got a ‘tude, queen life – both got it.” Dog Dynasty follows the fortunes of the 175lb Hulk and the other DDK9s protection dogs, whose puppies can sell for anywhere up to $25,000. This episode also features Marlon revealing what’s behind the names of his famous pitbulls – including Sossa, Netflix, Kong, and, of course, his world famous Hulk. He also names the latest puppy off the DDK9 production line. Dog Dynasty season 4 is available on Snapchat and Facebook with the longer episodes premiering on Barcroft TV’s YouTube channel, Beastly.

Video credits:
Director of Photography: Andy Baybutt
Producer/Director: John Balson
Series Producers: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Garry Sykes
Executive Producers: Lizzie Wingham, Dom Smith

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Dog Dynasty

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