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Meet Jay and Chyenne Smith: Raising Livestock in Idaho


In Part 3 of the IRRC Wolf Series, we showcase cattle ranchers Jay and Chyenne Smith from Carmen Creek, Idaho, just north of Salmon. The Smiths show us what it takes to raise cattle for a year, while also raising two daughters, chickens, horses, dogs and cats.

The Smiths have had issues with wolves killing livestock in the DiamondMoose Allotment in the Salmon National Forest. But fortunately, in this particular year, they had no known death loss caused by wolves.

Jay and Chyenne's overarching philosophy is to try to make their operation better every year in raising quality livestock, always trying to improve rangeland health, water management, and more. At the same time, they like to share their lives with visitors and people who want to know more about raising livestock in Idaho.

posted by Smyslilg4