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Meet Cardi B u0026 Remy Ma Returns Home | Season 6 Recap | Love u0026 Hip Hop: New York

VH1 Love & Hip Hop

Watch Remy Ma come home and get married, Cardi B hustle, and find out who’s having a baby.


0:00 Intro
0:40 Remy comes home
1:12 Pap warns Remy about Rah Ali
1:48 Remy and Rah Ali get into an argument
7:43 Remy brings Rah Ali and Yandy together
13:01 Remy and Pap get married
15:29 Rah Ali pops off on Yandy's friend
19:37 Rah Ali tells Yandy she's fake
23:08 Mendeecees brings together the women in his life
27:17 Samantha confronts Yandy
33:20 Mendeecees' last moments before going to jail
36:26 Mariahlynn's birthday party
39:40 Mariahlynn goes on a date with Cisco
42:37 Cisco pops up on Rich and Mariahlynn
54:16 Mariahlynn exposes Rich
56:12 Bianca and BBOD battle
1:02:04 DJ Self apologizes to Cardi B
1:05:02 Cardi B gets a call from her incarcerated boyfriend
1:08:23 Cardi B confronts DJ Self
1:11:24 Cardi B and Peter Gunz argue
1:13:51 Peter Gunz moves Tara and Amina into the same building
1:17:04 Amina reveals she's pregnant
1:24:21 Peter tells Amina that Tara's pregnant
1:29:33 Peter tells Amina he's getting a vasectomy
1:33:13 Amina reveals she's pregnant, again

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posted by pescato25