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Mary Karr: Prayer Poetry and the Catholic Faith

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

http://to.pbs.org/9sSu1c For Mary Karr, the road to faith was a long, hard climb for someone who once described herself as an "undiluted agnostic." By her midthirties Karr's life had begun to unravel. Her marriage was failing. She drank heavily, wrecked the family car, was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown. In desperation, she took a friend's advice and reluctantly began to pray. She became an unlikely Catholic convert. Her memoir "The Liars' Club," became a bestseller in the 1990s, and she has written a new book entitled "Lit." Watch much more of correspondent Judy Valente's conversation with Mary Karr about God, prayer, poetry, and the Catholic faith.

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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

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