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Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About AALIYAH


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In no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!
All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet. The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story Official Premise Trailer. EXCLUSIVE | R.Kelly & Carey Kelly were TOUCHED at age 6 & 10 by their Older Sister Theresa Kelly. Go behind the scenes with the cast of Champaign ILL. What The STEP UP Cast Really Thinks Of Each Other. Remy Ma & Papoose Prove #BlackLove Can Win Yet Again | BET Social Awards 360 Cam. Exclusive Sneak Peek: On The Set Of STEP UP: HIGH WATER. STEP UP: High Water | Meet Tal. Lifetime EXPOSES Aaliyah's MOM For P|mp!ng Her Out To R.Kelly At 15. What happens when you go from baller to broke | Champaign ILL. How Well Do You Know Your ATL Slang?

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