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Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About AALIYAH


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In no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!
All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet. Surviving R.Kelly: STOP PIMPING YOUR KIDS! #SurvivingRKelly. Beyonce's Father Exposes R Kelly After Watching 'Surviving R Kelly'. Exclusive | Aaliyah & Her Mother Allegedly Slept with R.Kelly TOGETHER & Took His Publishing Rights! Dame Dash Expose Jay - Z & R. Kelly relationship - relating to young girls & Aaliyah. Aaliyah | Before They Were GONE | BIOGRAPHY. Keke Palmer Exposes R Kelly 'I Was His Student' & Aaliyah Connection. Aaliyah's Brother Exposes R Kelly On Her 40th Birthday! 'Surviving R Kelly'. #MuteRKelly. DREA KELLY ISN'T A VICTIM. R. Kelly accuser Jerhonda says R. Kelly is gay - R. Kelly alleged boyfriend speaks out.

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