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Mar 17, 1930 - Panorama of Fairmount Ave in Philadelphia, PA (real sound)

guy jones

Early sound film of a crowd gathered on Fairmount Ave in Philadelphia to catch a glimpse of Al Capone transferring through Eastern State Penitentiary. This was taken in March 1930 with an early Movietone sound camera. Worked on footage and sound 1913-1915: Views of Tokyo, Japan (speed corrected w/ added sound). Summer 1896 - Visual tour of Italy: Milan, Venice and visit with Pope Leo XIII (with added sound). Feb 1934 - Guests of the 'Motion Picture Ball of 34' in New York City (real sound). 1928-1930: Early Sound Footage of London. Philadelphia 1965. Jan 26, 1929 - Children's Vaudeville/Talent Show in Long Beach, California (real sound). 1928-1929: Early Sound Footage of Germany. Oct 22, 1929 - Scenes in Cincinnati, Ohio during Hoover visit (real sound). He Reveals What 1950s Men Thought & Did. 1934 - Interviews With Sweepstakes Winners In NYC.

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