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LET GO Of Fear Overthinking u0026 Worries - Cleanse All Negative Energy - Let Go Of All Negative Energy

Anthony Sommer

LET GO Of Fear, Overthinking And Worries Cleanse All Negative Energy Let Go Of All Negative Energy Remove All The Negative Energy In And Around You. You may see many meditation videos with these titles with different variations. These videos are efforts to achieve the same thing but worded differently. They rarely work, at least for me. This video is my effort to achieve this goal. It works great for me personally, and I hope it does for you too.

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An attempt to simplify for the sake of brevity: Neural entrainment or brainwave entrainment is the theory that our brains have a tendency to synchronize themselves to external stimulation, which could include auditory, visual, tactile, or electromagnetic stimuli. The average human brain contains approximately 80+ billion neurons that communicate to form our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. When our neurons communicate in mass, it produces a synchronized electrical pulse known as a brainwave. With the use of neural entrainment, our brainwaves can align with these auditory stimuli. As a result, we can stimulate our neurons and brains in ways that could positively affect our psychology and physiology.

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