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Mandala of Love and Gratitude | Attract Abundance and Everything Good to Your Life | Vibration Law

Relaxing Nature For The Soul

This mandala music of love and gratitude, with a frequency of 432 hz, will allow you to attract abundance and all the good you deserve in your life.
The Law of Vibration is the difference between mind and matter, between the physical and nonphysical worlds. According to this Law, everything vibrates or moves, nothing remains inactive.

Have a great day!

Welcome to Master of Abundance, here you will find videos of nature, audios of relaxation, meditation, environment, healing of the body and soul.

✨ Our great Mission and purpose in Master of Abundance is to Create Original Content related to different philosophies and religions of the world of spirituality awakening and purpose of life is to raise the energy vibration of our planet and make this world a more harmonious and peaceful place to everybody. ✨

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Take care of the planet, it's the only place where you can live!

© The music is an original creation by The Master of Abundance Team titled "Love and gratitude".
Graphics elements, images and effects were created by The Master of Abundance Team.
Its reuse is prohibited.

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