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Should I get a male or female Rottweiler?

The Rotty Channel

Well you guys asked and you received! Here is a few tips and tricks to deciding which Rottweiler you should get for you and or your family.

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Here are my notes I made the video from.

Height 2427 inches
Weight 85135 pounds

Height 2224 inches
Weight 80110 pounds

*Coloration will be the same*

Males mature slower
While females will become mature by 23

Males are a little harder to train (easily distracted)
While females are typically more submissive and obedient.

Males have a higher desire to please their owner
While females tend to wanna do their own thing.

Males are easier to socialize
While females are harder to get along with others

Males demand more attention (more needy)
While females don’t mind being alone

Males are more curious, will travel farther off leash
Females will stay closer to the person to protect them.

Males are goofy and more playful
While females have more of a motherly instinct.

Males will bond with everyone in the family
While females tend to pick a person or certain people.

Males will get bored easier than females
While females can lay around more often and not mind.

Males More territorial of property and the home.
While females are more Territorial of people.

Heat cycles for females last about 12 weeks
Where males don’t have heat cycles.

Males when a females in heat are complete Jerks and care about nothing but mating a female.
Females bleed when in heat and typically become less obidient and more hormonal.

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