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Making the LEGENDARY Taishoken Mori Soba Tsukemen (with Erik Bentz of Cafe Mochiko)

Way of Ramen

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Thanks to Senpai Kai for some of his footage!

Kazuo Yamagishisan is known throughout Japan as the God of Ramen. He was Japan's first true celebrity ramen chef. in the 1960s he invented a style of ramen he called morisoba which eventually became the genre of ramen now called tsukemen.

In this video I attempt a home version of this legendary dish with a recipe written by my ramen buddy Erik Bentz of Cafe Mochiko in Cincinnati Ohio. Erik is a phenomenal chef and its no surprise that his recipe helped me make one of the best things I've ever made, ever.


600g ap flour
400g cake flour (Swans Down?)
15g salt
14g sodium carbonate
20g whole egg
400g water

6# chicken backs (or whole chicken or chicken quarters)
4 liters of water
5# pork shoulder
Garlic, ginger, negi
25g konbu

750g kikkoman or yamasa soy
10g kombu
15g dried shiitake
12g sea salt
15g brown sugar
50g mirin
20g apple cider vin

Sweet vin (amazu):
130g rice vinegar
17g salt
70g sugar
sall piece of konbu

Bowl assembly:
20cc of chiyu/lard aroma oil
30cc of shoyu tare
About 1/41/2tsp sweet vin
A pinch of ichimi
Spoonful of ground katsuobushi
180cc of soup

200g noodles. Taishoken Omori challenge is 640g

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