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Making Some CLOAKS (frolicking included)

Rachel Maksy

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After YEARS of always wanting to make my own cloak, I finally took the plunge and it turned out to be WAY easier than I thought it was gonna be. Well... besides the whole 'completely fudging up two separate times'. I also made one for one of YOU! So you can join me in fieldfrolicking and swooshing, hehehe.

Cloak Pattern:

|| What I'm Wearing ||
Day 1:
Blouse yesstyle (before I halted my fast fashion habits)
Trousers Vintage from Etsy
Day 2:
Blouse Adored Vintage
Vest MeMade!
Trousers thredup (evan piccone)
Green dress Son De Flor
Grey dress Linnenaive

TikTok: @rachelmaksy

PO Box 1819
Plymouth, MA 02362

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