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Making Of SING 2 - Best Of Behind The Scenes Voice Actor Clips u0026 Dance Rehearsals | Illumination


"Sing 2" (2021) Making Of | Behind The Scenes | Voice Actor Clips | On Set Voice Cast Bloopers | Funny Cast Moments | Outtakes | Hinter den Kulissen | Illumination | Universal Pictures | A̲̲b̲̲o̲̲n̲̲n̲̲i̲̲e̲̲r̲̲e̲̲n̲ ➢

Release Date 22.12.2021 (Cinema)
Duration: 1h 50 Min.
Direct Link:

P L O T:
The koala Buster Moon and his star cast are preparing to launch a stage program in the entertainment capital of the world. But he must find and convince the world's most reclusive rock star to join them. What begins as Buster's dream of big success quickly becomes an emotional reminder of the power of music to heal the most broken of hearts.

❌ Tori Kelly (Meena)
❌ Reese Witherspoon (Rosita)
❌ Will Brisbin (Ryder)
❌ Jimmy Kimmel (Marty)
❌ Kim Kardashian (Delores)
❌ Marsai Martin (Liberty)
❌ Lilly Bartlam (Skye)
❌ Kingsley Marshall (Marshall)
❌ Keegan Hedley (Rubble)
❌ Iain Armitage (Chase)
❌ Callum Shoniker (Rocky)
❌ Shayle Simons (Zuma)
❌ Dax Shepard (Ruben)
❌ Randall Park (Butch)

S C R I P T:
❌ Garth Jennings

❌ Garth Jennings

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