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Making Extra Large Concrete Pavers ( DIY concrete patio )

DIY Creators

In this video, I will show how I created large concrete pavers for a patio area. Although it is a lot of work, doing it yourself is cheaper than hiring a pro.


Materials List (Affiliate links)
2''x4''x12' Lumber
(40) 80lb bags of concrete mix
(18) Leveling sand in bags

Tools (Affiliate links)
Concrete Mixer
Concrete placer
Concrete bull float'>
Concrete trowel'>
Speed square
Circular saw
Mini Palm Nailer

******Quick Overview of the concrete slabs ******
Step 1. Pick a spot and flatten the soil.
Step 2. Cut 2x4 and build the frames.
Step 3. Cut stakes and drive them into the ground next to the concrete forms.
Step 4. Mix the concrete mix and pour the concrete mixture into the forms.
Step 5. Screed the top and trowel it after
Step 6. Pour the 6 slabs outside and pull off the forms after, leaving the middle.
Step 7. Pour the three middle slabs.
Step 8. Finally, remove the rest of the forms.

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