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Making a bolt with ZIGZAG threads - SO STRANGE! - Lost PLA metal casting

Robinson Foundry

In this video I will be making a bolt with unique zigzag threads. I started this project by 3d printing models in a plastic called PLA. Then I coated the models 10 times with a ceramic material called Suspendaslurry. After the ceramic shells were completely dry I placed them in my kiln and melted out the PLA plastic. At 1500 degrees Fahrenheit the ceramic shells became vitrified, turning into a ceramic that can withstand the heat of molten bronze. I melted the bronze in my homemade keg foundry furnace and then poured the liquid metal into the ceramic shell molds. This is similar to the lost wax casting process.

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3d printed versions

I plan on selling 3d printed versions of the bolts shown in this video. I'm am working to set up a website and sell them as soon as possible. Please check here soon.

posted by Philbert0n