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Magician Lord (Neo Geo AES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete


A playthrough of Alpha Denshi's 1990 platformer for the SNK Neo Geo, Magician Lord.

Played through the US AES version on the default settings.

Magician Lord is a fantastic platformer that really struts the Neo Geo muscle as one of its 1990 launch titles. The SNES was still a year away, the Genesis was making people ooh and ahh with Altered Beast, and the SNK shows up with the Holy Grail machine - a console with arcade-perfect home versions! (But that price tag!...)

Anyways, Magician Lord looks great, with big, detailed characters and tons of parallax scrolling, a sweet soundtrack rocking heavy FM and samples everywhere, and some of the hardest platforming action you've seen this side of Ghosts n Goblins. Demon's Crest has nothing on this bad boy.

And that death after I killed the orange sky boss in stage 7 was such bs. I was more than a bit frustrated by that since it left me with no power ups going into that insane boss rush near the end. They really were sadistic.

This version (the AES, or home cartridge version) does differ from the "normal" MVS version. Along with some rebalancing in difficulty, it now has a full introduction, Elta gets a longer life bar, and it allows you to save to a memory card. I prefer this version, though if you want the easier experience, you're better off with the MVS version.

It may now be a bit dated, but I still absolutely recommend this to anyone that appreciates a challenge and classy, classic platforming action.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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posted by Aidexdiesio