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Magical Transformation Of An Ordinary Bratz Doll Into An Incredible Maleficent!

SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science

Hello, guys! Do you like Maleficent? Because today we will turn an old Bratz doll into a little copy of a beautiful, yet powerful fairy Maleficent! It will be a truly magical transformation!

So, we have an old Bratz doll and she doesn't have a very suitable hairstyle. To make it look like Maleficent's, let's start with a suitable headdress. To craft it, we use plastic wrap and wet wipes. We put them on the doll's head and cover them with glue. It will help us make a wig with horns for our doll. When the glue sets the wipes will keep the doll's head shape. Then take polymer clay to make the horns for our Maleficent. We'll paint everything black, and the beautiful headdress is ready!

We need a bit more to make the picture complete the correct makeup! Let's make the doll's face a bit paler, make up her eyes a bit brighter using green eyeshadows. And make the eyeliner brighter, too. The final touch false lashes. All that is left are Maleficent's famous cheekbones. We'll draw them with pastel crayons.

The outfit of our Maleficent will look just like the real outfit. A black dress with a cape and two more important elements wings and a magic staff! Now she looks almost like Maleficent's twin sister!

Try to create your favorite characters from different fairytales, guys!

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