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Magic ADLEY CARTOON ✨ Secret Room u0026 Alligators inside our House! DONT GET CAUGHT the floor is Lava!

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

we turned into REAL CARTOONS!! and i think we should do it again! and again!


HEY EVERYBODY!! So my dad told me something weird!! He told me that he built a secret room at the spacestation! He also said if we find it, he had another surprise for me!! So obviously I wanted to hurry to the spacestation and find this room as fast as I could!! When we got to the spacestation I rush from room to room looking for any clues I could find! It was like I was playing hide n seek with the office!! Finally, my dad gave me a clue telling me it was upstairs so I bolted! While upstairs I found an adley shirt, a lava lamp, and a my dad's office! When we went in his office I spotted a treasure chest on his wall! I climbed up and twisted the key and felt the door unlock! My dad then told me that the whole wall moved into a secret room but that I needed to watch out because the room was also magic!! I told him I wanted to see and made my way to the room! I was then surrounded by magic sparkles and dad and I turned into a cartoon!! It was so cool! Anything I imagined I could do! I could jump really high, turn into a giraffe, and even climb on the ceiling!! This room gave me a perfect idea!! I wanted to turn one of my videos into a cartoon! So I ran and grabbed my iPad and threw it in the room so that one of my favorite videos turned into a cartoon! Which video should we do next?!

my last video How to PAINT PUMPKiNS!! Mom Hands, Finger Painting, and Learning Colors with Niko! family challenge

my dad's last video CUP PHONE crafts!! ultimate FORT inside our house! Animal neighborhood, my neighbor won’t wakeup!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

posted by mzjanjantd