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Mad Maestro! PS2 Gameplay ( Fresh Games ) Playstation 2 [Story Mode]


In this video me and Wiggy G play through the first stages of the very wierd game by FRESH Games called Mad Maestro!
Fresh Games are responsible for bringing us the rather strange Mr Moskeeto, and this game, released at the same time is equally as strange in the world of gaming.
Mad Maestro! however, is not a unique game. We have seen this type of game before, in different forms of light in such games as parappa the rapper, and dance stage hits on the ps1. Mad Maestro however takes things even more simplistic by only giving you 1 button to worry about.
The basis of the game is that you take on the role of the maestro, and you simply conduct the orchestra. Sounds isnt! Timing has a need for presicion, it also helps if you know the classical compositions your expected to conduct before hand, which i assume most ppl wouldnt of who purchased this game.
Overall the game is very beutifully designed and quite eyecatching. The sound is superb, but the gameplay is rather boring and you feel like your not doing anything at all. You can see why the game wasnt too popular.

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posted by Forsycietu