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Mac Tutorial for Beginners - Switching from Windows to macOS

Anson Alexander

A Mac tutorial for beginners and PC users showing how to switch from Windows to macOS. This tutorial covers all of the basics of using macOS including the following topics:

Table of Contents:

Intro: 00:00
Navigating the Mac desktop: 00:19
Using the Apple Menu: 00:40
Accessing System Preferences: 01:22
Searching with Spotlight: 1:58
Using the macOS bottom dock: 03:02
Browsing the Apple App Store: 04:08
How to use and customize Finder in macOS: 07:02
Navigating to the macOS applications folder: 07:38
Accessing the documents and downloads folders: 08:20
Creating and renaming folders: 09:04
Moving and deleting files on macOS: 09:30
Customizing Finder preferences: 12:58
An introduction to using Safari: 14:39

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