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LYNX'S SAD ORIGIN STORY! *Lynx Backstory* - A Fortnite Short Film

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Voice Actors:
Adam Odeh - https://www.youtube.com/user/BandigoPlays
Abigail Turner - https://abigailturnervo.com/


Welcome back to another exciting episode of Fortnite Adventures! Krampus the evil Santa goat monster skin has captured Season 7 Battle Pass skins Zenith and Powder. They are trapped inside the present that comes with the Unwrapped emote. Hopefully someone can save them!

In Tilted Towers, Flytrap flees from fully upgraded Lynx. After an epic chase, Lynx builds a metal wall around Flytrap and he is sent to prison. Drift shows up to congratulate his girlfriend.

All of a sudden Lynx's cat senses kick in. Zenith is in trouble! Drift and Lynx ride in an ATK (aka Golf Kart) to the frozen part of the island. While on the long trip Lynx tells Drift her sad high school back story. Victory Royale SOLO in Fortnite Live Stream. MARSHMELLO *FACE REVEAL* in Fortnite! RAINBOW MINIGOLF in FORTNITE! FORTNITE DRIFT is hiding from OMEGA!! | Fortnite Toys Action Figures & LOOT CHEST Opening! Pennywise Plays Fortnite Song (Spooky Halloween Parody). FORTNITE THE MOVIE - A LOVE STORY! [NL]. Minecraft Monsters - TINA'S POWER !? (Minecraft Roleplay Episode 10). Minecraft - HACKER COWBOY SHOOTS THE NOOB SHERIFF! I GOT THE MOST EXPENSIVE MOON WEAPON IN WARRIOR SIMULATOR AND IT DOES 100000 DAMAGE!! (Roblox). Oddbods | HARD CANDY | All Funny Episodes Compilation 🔴LIVE Cartoons For Kids by Oddbods & Friends.

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