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Lucas Sin: 1 Fried Rice 4 Ways (Golden Ketchup Buffalo XO) | Chefs At Home | Food u0026 Wine


Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen in New York City makes his Golden Fried Rice recipe, then makes 3 variations of it with a few ingredients. This Golden Fried Rice gets turned into Ketchup Fried Rice, Buffalo Chicken Fried Rice, and Asparagus, XO, and Egg White Fried Rice!

Welcome to Chefs at Home, the ultimate affordable home cooking show where a diverse group of pro chefs transform one recipe or ingredient into multiple dishes from inside their home kitchen.

Read more about Lucas' Fried Rice recipes:

0:00 Start
0:06 Who is Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen?
0:38 How To Make Golden Fried Rice
9:00 How To Make Ketchup Fried Rice
11:36 How To Make Buffalo Fried Rice
13:04 How To Make Golden Fried Rice with Asparagus and XO Sauce

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1 Fried Rice 4 Ways (Golden, Ketchup, Buffalo, XO) | Chefs At Home | Food & Wine

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