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Lowchen - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about the Lowchen, a small, energetic and sweet dog breed.

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Short Lowchen description:
Lowchen is small dog with short head and wide muzzle. Their height should be between 1114 inch which is 2836 cm and they should weigh between 1018 pounds, which is 4,5 – 8 kgs.

Lowchens were bred to be companions and that is why they love to live indoors with their family around them. They are lively, sweet, affectionate and friendly dogs and they truly thrive for our attention. And since they are pretty playful, they make good companions for older children as well.

0:18 Origin
0:39 Royalty
0:58 Little Lion
1:20 Companions
1:39 Extinction
2:08 Barking
2:28 Quick Learners
2:46 Coat
3:08 Size
3:27 Health

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