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Alex Superman Johnson Made A True Superproposal!


Most married couples would agree it's very important for would-be spouses to have some similar hobbies, habits or priorities. And as for Alex Superman Johnson and Brey Dorsett, they seem to have already found the greatest link to connect them - sport. Alex wanted to make his proposal truly special, so it wasn't a typical date in a quiet romantic cafe and there were no glasses of champagne with the ring on their bottoms. What he did was much more impressive! Alex Johnson proposed to Brey Dorsett on the basketball court after faking an injury and getting on one knee - what could be more romantic? He was two points up when he faked an injury and hit the ground. He got up on one knee and popped open a ring box. Poor Brey was so shocked to see him holding a ring that she was about to break into tears! Looking forward to the same incredible wedding ceremony!

posted by strofyskn1