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Long-Term Review: Nelson Pass Designed Class A Monoblocks

Mark on Hifi

Those of you following along know that I built a pair of $327 Amp Camp Amp amplifiers designed by none other than Nelson Pass. What makes these DIY amp kits so special is that they’re running in Class A, you can build them in a weekend, and they can be configured as monoblocks for more power. Having successfully assembled two other more challenging tube amp kits under my belt, both from Bottlehead, I felt like this would be a fun project and I wasn't disappointed. Special thanks to DIY Audio Store who makes these kits and sent me two of them to review as monoblocks. Leave a comment below if you've built one of these kits before, if you have any tips I didn't cover, or if you have any questions about the build.

*Link to DIY Audio Store for the Amp Camp Amp kit:
*ACA v1.6 Build Guide:
*ACA v1.8 Build Guide (Use together with v1.6 build guide!):
*Link to ACA forum thread on DIY Audio:

Here are some of the tools I use and recommend for building this amp:
*Cardas Solder:
*Astro AI Digital Multimeter:
*Soldering Iron Station:
*IFIXIT Mako Driver Kit:
*Precision Screwdriver Kit:
*Channellock No. 958 Wire Stripper:

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