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Awesome prank video! Enjoy some laughs as we scare innocent people, children and families with a giant live animal Lion attack. see how convincing a "Lion Mane for dogs" can be or maybe you should learn "How to give your dog a Lion Haircut" "Lion Dog"

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"Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)"
for a costume see: www.hollyward.TV

"Amazon Prime Commercial "Lion" (Japan) "

Actor Geoff Ward as 'Zookeeper' and Duke the yellow Labrador cause terror in the public parks of South Florida. Creator of "Shark Prank Fort Lauderdale Beach" Superhollyward

Inspired by: VitalyzdTV , "Roman Atwood Pranks" "Break" "Escaped Lion Prank by Tom Mabe'' "Kevin Richardson" The Lion Man visit his Youtube channel "The Lion Wisperer" channel for "how to make a viral video"

posted by LarroarfNuttt