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You all know who Lilly Singh is, right? How could you not? She's an actress, a comedian, a huge YouTube star, and a social media celebrity of the highest degree! She also has a huge heart and believes in empowering young woman (and everybody for that matter) to be their best most powerful selves.

Lilly Singh is amazing, and we're sure she always has been BUT before she was famous she was just a kid doing all those things kids do hanging out with friends and family (she has lots of cousins), playing video games, and finding ways not to be bored, like watching horror movies and telling each other scary stories, and playing with each others imaginations.

When she was younger all of her cousins would go to her house to hang out with her and her sister. The parents would all head off to work and the kids would all look after each other immigranthustle.

One day, just after their parents left, they were all piled onto the couch playing video games when the phone rang. Her older cousin answered it, said hello a few times, but nobody was there. Weird, but maybe just a wrong number, or at worst a crank call.

Lilly and her cousins got back to their video game, and had played for a little while when the phone rang again. This time another cousin answered and the same thing happened, nobody was on the other end, or at least they weren't saying anything. It was a little scary, what kind of evil demon of a person would do that to a bunch of kids?

At that point Lilly and her cousins could have come up with some good rational reasons for the phone calls like a wrong number, a bad connection, a telemarketer, etc. BUT that's not what a bunch of kids home alone do, so instead they came up with a whole story about how some evil demon or person was trying to get to them and do bad things!

They decided they needed a master plan, a way to make sure their story didn't turn out to be a scary horror story. Now, keep in mind, this was right around Christmas and they had just finished doing a Home Alone marathon.

They began by documenting all of the calls that came in and capturing every detail. This would help them come up with their plan for scaring away the evil demon, or whatever the evil telemarketer. On day three they received more calls than usual and they felt it was definitely a sign. They brainstormed their plan.

Was it a robber? A spirit? A demon? The possibilities were endless. Their planning was interrupted when one of their cousins stopped them as said "hey, didn't you guys hear that?" Now, Lilly hadn't heard anything, but what was the fun of that, and, if there was some demonic Christmas Home Alone presence there with them, she didn't want to be the first to go just because she didn't believe it was real. She wasn't going to be THAT kid in the horror movie. Or one of those ghost stories.

It was time to take action. They all gathered up all the utensils from the kitchen drawers and then executed their plan : lock themselves in their parents bedroom and wait it out. But before they locked themselves in the room they strategically placed three little porcelain pigs in the hallway that could warn them if something trampled that way.

Hours went by with them locked in the bedroom, pacing, sweating, stressing and terrified. But, eventually their need for Oreos overcame them so they ventured into the kitchen and felt so relieved, and silly for acting so scared and ridiculous. UNTIL they noticed that one of the little pigs had been knocked over.

They freaked out, and around the house, and then finally decided it was time to take a stand it was either them, or the demon! They searched the entire house with their forks and butter knives ready. But of course, they found nothing.

A couple of hours later her parents returned home and all their cousins left. End of story, right? Well, they never felt anymore evil presences, and the phone stopped ringing, but, you never know.

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