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Less Common Instruments


Piccolo Flute:
Gareth Davies of the London Symphony Orchestra

Bass Flute:
Pasha Mansurov, a Professional Flutist from Russia

Subcontrabass Flute:
Stefan Keller, a Professional Flutist from Switzerland

Piccolo Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet:
David Gould (Piccolo Clarinet) and Cyrille Mercadier (Contrabass Clarinet)

Sopranino Saxophone and Bass Saxophone:
Jim Cheek (Sopranino Saxophone) and Scott Jenkins (Bass Saxophone)

Subcontrabass Saxophone:
[No credit name given]

Piccolo Trumpet:
Dr. Jack Burt, Associate Professor of Trumpet at the University of Maine

Bass Trumpet:
James Morrison, Professional Trumpeter from Australia

Piccolo French Horn:
Marine Romo Vivancos, with Xavier Diaz Herrera on Sopranino Clarinet

Contrabass French Horn:
John Elliott

Piccolo Trombone:
[No credit name given]

Contrabass Trombone:
Karl Wiederwohl

Big Carl the Tuba
Derek Fenstermacher

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