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Leaving My Job At VaynerMedia | My Story

Mason Lee

I worked at VaynerMedia for 11 months, and grew a lot as a filmmaker, videographer, editor, colorist, and general person.
I learned VERY valuable skills around working fast, communicating with a team and with clients, among a plethora of life advice from GaryVee.
In this video, I walked through my story up to this point, working for garyvee, and what I'm up to now.

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Camera | Sony a6300:
Lens | Sony 50mm f1.8:
Microphone | Rodelink Lav:
White Balance Card:
Light Kit: #AskGaryVee Episode 176: Delegating Work, Micromanagement, and Monitoring Employees' Social Media. My Job Interview at Vaynermedia. How Does VaynerMedia Recruit New Employees? Why I Started My Own Digital Media Agency. Do I Support Vaynermedia Employees' Personal Brands? How Did VaynerMedia Grow So Fast? What Skills Are Necessary to Work and Succeed at VaynerMedia? 5 Steps to Getting a $60k Salary in Digital Marketing (How to get a job with a useless degree). The First Quality I Look for When Hiring. Ryan Holiday On Why Speed Isn’t the Key to Success.

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