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Leash Walking Training For Dogs That Are ALWAYS Pulling!

McCann Dog Training

Leash walking training is challenging enough without having a dog who is ALWAYS pulling. In this video, Instructor Carol will give you some loose leash walking tips for dogs who are CONSTANTLY pulling. The training for dogs like this actually starts before you even step out of the door. Getting enough exercise can be a real challenge if you're trying to avoid rehearsing the bad behaviors. Carol will show you a couple of exercises to both exercise your dog, and get some great training in!

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00:00 Leash Walking Training For Dogs That NEVER Stop Pulling!
00:24 Taking Your Dog For A Walk And Teaching Them To Walk Are DIFFERENT Things!
00:53 Your Leash Walking Training Starts HERE!
05:10 Attention Exercise For Leash Walking Training
08:35 How To Redirect When Your Dog Pulls On The Leash
10:46 What Are Your Leash Walking Training Goals?
11:27 Here’s A Way To Exercise Your Dog Without Going For A Walk
12:51 How Long Does It Take Before Your Dog Stops Pulling On The Leash?
14:02 For Dogs, An Activ Life Is A Healthy Life
14:26 Looking For MORE Leash Walking Training?

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