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当腊味煲仔饭遇上胡椒猪肚鸡你又以为有故事?还是没有!Lap Mei claypot rice | pig maw and chicken soup with pepper Liziqi Channel

李子柒 Liziqi

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When Lap Mei claypot rice meets pig maw and chicken soup with pepper,
Any sparkles? You’ll be disappointed again!
It’s festival season when pigs are slaughtered
 in nearly every household in the countryside,
for cold smoking waxed meat and sausages.
Freezing days are best with pig maw and pepper chicken casserole in Hakka tradition
to go with Lap Mei claypot rice, plus pork liver stirfried in salted egg yolks.
What a divine combination!
腊肉 腊肠用冷熏的法子做了个遍


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