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Ratatouille in a Michelin 3-star French restaurant with Martino Ruggieri - Alléno Pavillon Ledoyen

Italia Squisita

Ratatouille is a traditional rural dish from Southern France, which thanks to the Pixar movie has become one of the most famous French dishes all around the world. To discover the history and secrets of this colorful vegetarian recipe we have been to Paris, inside the threestar Michelin restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen, together with Martino Ruggieri. The Italian chef, who has been working in France with Yannick Alléno for years, traces the history of Ratatouile through two recipes, the original and the "Hollywood" one. With the help of his very young brigade, Ruggeri takes us by the hand into the heart of the great French cousine.

In collaboration with Berkel

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