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Kpop vines to procrastinate pt.22


This video is different from my pasts videos since it has more vines than others. My lasts videos always had 60 vines but this time I added 44 more because 2018 is going to finish and I wanted to make it special :)

I hope you like it :) Kpop vines to procrastinate pt.20. kpop vines to take with you into battle. kpop vines to watch instead of doing the bird box challenge. kpop memes to start 2019 with. KPOP VINES❄️☃️that are better than hot chocolate☕☃️. NCT VINES THAT MAKES ME WANNA ASK AMERICA TO EXPLAIN WHAT KIND OF AIR DO THEY HAVE?!! NCT VINES THAT SHOWS HOW NCT DEADASS THREW THEIR OWN PARTY AT KBS GAYO DAECHUKJE 2018!!! KPOP IDOLS: FORGOT LYRICS, DANCE STEPS AND ETC ON LIVE STAGES - BTS, REDVELVET EXO BLACKPINK ETC. Top Vines of Not Even Emily (w/Titles) Not Even Emily Vine Compilation 2018 - Co Vines✔. Kpop videos that make you alive.

posted by danibex88j4