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Knight Owls - Finally 31 prayer 90 str (F2P) RAMBO!!!

Nocturnal RS

I never would of thought this build was gonna be the most op yet! F2P Pking Range/Mage Pure [OSRS]. 84 Combat with 99 prayer *Dopest Pure* *OSRS F2P PKing*. The F2P Journey - Part 17 - Base 50s + PKing [OSRS]. 43 Combat Rune 2h Pking - OSRS F2P Pking. King GoDie OSRS MOBILE F2P PKING #1. use a F2P Weapon and PK in P2P - Challenge. OSRS | 6 hour AFKing got me 99 ranged in a week | Busy-scaper's Guide to AFK Range Training. I Hunt Mains - Best F2P Pure PKing #1 (OSRS PvP). 42 Combat Rune 2h Pking - OSRS F2P Pking. [F2P Pking] Master of Movement | Sliding/Backstepping/Animation Cancelling/Fakies.

posted by obalovatxq