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Knife Box - Reclaimed Fir Woodworking

Dustin Penner

I was asked to build two steak knife storage/ presentation boxes for a super crazy fancy resort in Canada. I made these boxes out of reclaimed douglas fir with cherry wood splines.

I milled all the lumber from some larger pieces so I could be very selective of the grain in the wood that I would be using. The boxes are a simple design, but by book matching the panels and using some really high-quality hardware, I was able to bring these to the next level. I used a laser printer to print a reverse image onto standard paper and then used an iron to transfer to the pre-finished wood. You can use a solvent to transfer the logo too, but this method gives a much crisper line.

I think everything I used is linked below but if not just leave a comment asking nicely and I will provide it. A time stamp will help me know what you're talking about if you don't know the name of the tool

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= Links To Tools Used =
Pull Saw:
Small Hand Plane:
Clamp Thingy:
Set-up Blocks:
Wooden Mallet:
Marking Gauge:
Titebond Glue:
Tape Cutter:


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