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Kittens waited for their mom to return but she was gone forever :-(

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

It's a tough world out there and it's pretty amazing that such tiny creatures have to deal with so many challenges at such a young age. It is thanks to your support and your donations that we are able to save their lives. Please help us reach our goal and made a small donation:

Loreta Frankonyte, JoAnn Wiltz, Katie McKittrick and I were invited to an event by Kitty Bungalow where we got to meet Lil BUB on her 8th Birthday, her owner Mike, Jackson Galaxy, and Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady).

During the event, we got a phone call, so Loreta and I left the event. Luckily, the rescue location was just 20 minutes away.

We found the dead mom on the road right away (she was hit by a car) and we had to focus on saving the babies. Neighbors were recruited as #HopeForPaws volunteers, and together we saved BUB, Mike, Galaxy, and Hannah.

Please comment below with #LilBUB in memory of that beautiful girl who passed away earlier this month. If you have never seen her in action, please check her out here:

If you would like to adopt this special family, please contact our friends at The Kitty Bungalow:

Please share the video with someone who LOVES cats.

Thank you so much,



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