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KiNG and QUEEN build Unicorn Castle!! Play Pretend Game with Dad neighbor won’t wakeup makeover 🦄

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

a NEW Neighborhood Kingdom with Dragons and more!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to my neighborhood but this time we are doing something little different! Instead of building a regular town, we are going to be building a giant castle with me being the queen and my dad as the king! Before we could start playing we had to plan and build our new castle! We used a giant blanket to cover the whole living room to make a fort and we used a lot of tape and chairs to hold up everything so the royal house would not fall down! We then planned out what would happen inside of our kingdom! My dad and I decided that we should have pet dragons and unicorns so we could explore the kingdom! We also set up a farm, courtyard, and a store where I could sell castle supplies!! After we set the new world we then could play!! We started each day by waking up and going to work! I worked at the store and my dad worked on the farm! He would come and get supplies to help plant the crops and make sure that I was doing ok! After work, we would like to hang out with our pets the unicorns, or the dragons! We set up homes for each pet so that they could have a place to run around and if we caught a new pet we would know where to put them! When we were finished with playing we would pack up our things and head to bed to get ready for the next day! It was so fun doing this pretend play with my dad in our new royal neighborhood!

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