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Killing Zone Game Sample - Playstation


Original Air Date: July 28th, 2009

Do I have to describe this one? Killing Zone is a laughably horrible fighting game with lousy controls, buggy and bland visuals, bad camera angles at sometimes critical moments, and almost nonexistant music (music isn't all bad though) and sounds. Everything feels so disjointed, looks so cheap, and certain moves have horrible range or delays. Even for its time, this game is viewed as one of the worst 3D fighting games for Playstation.

The funniest part is perhaps the manual, which has "Sensational 3-D Fighter" slapped on it. Of all the games that could have been brought stateside, folks get to enjoy works of art like Killing Zone? Ugh. It's a mystery how one can even make a game this bad. Believe it or not, this is the sequel to the Sega Saturn game, Battle Monsters, which was at least playable on some accounts. Avoid at all costs unless you're okay with everything that has been said.


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posted by badnjaka34