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Kids Ten Commandments ✝️ The Not So Golden Calf The Rest Is Yet To Come ✝️ Christian cartoons

Bible stories - the teaching of Jesus

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Kids Ten Commandments:
1. The Not So Golden Calf
The Not So Golden Calf,is based on commandmants one and two—“Do not worship any
other gods besides me” and “Do not make idols of any kind.” While Moses is up on
Mount Sinai, the people of Israel lose faith and are convinced by Hazzaka, the leader of
the evildoers, to build and worship a “golden calf.” Hazzaka selects Seth's calf, Jacob, as
the “model” for the idol. In the midst of their new popularity, both Seth and Jacob get big
heads and turn their backs on God. Thankfully, before things get out of hand, Moses
returns with the Ten Commandments to reinforce that there is only one living God and
worshiping someone or something above God is a huge mistake.

2. The Rest Is Yet To Come
In The Rest Is Yet To Come, 11yearold Seth and his quirky animal companions learn
firsthand the meaning of two of God's commandments "Do not misuse the name of the
Lord your God" and "Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." While
Seth's mom is away, he gets stuck working for Jeshanah, a greedy old man who breaks
these commandments in his quest for riches and then suffers the consequences. Kids will
be captivated by this timeless fivepart minimovie® series as they learn about God and
his instructions for their lives.

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