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Kids Sleep Meditation SLEEP u0026 RELAXATION ANIMAL STORIES COLLECTION Children's Guided Meditation

Happy Minds - Sleep Meditation & Bedtime Stories

Imagine fun animal adventures every night, with this kids sleep and relaxation animal stories collection for bedtimes! Enjoy ideal kids sleep meditation and children's guided meditation stories for super relaxing, calm and happy nightly sleep!

There are four Happy Minds sleep meditation stories in this collection:

Freddie the Fox:
Ollie and Olivia An Owl Adventure:
Luna the Last Dragon:
Freddie the Fox in Dreamland:

This sleep meditation for kids collection has extra calming bedtime stories to lull young ones off into their blissful dreams every bedtime, for the easiest and happiest sleep.

As a guided sleep meditation, children will love using their imaginations as they create their own peaceful dreams with Freddie the Fox, Ollie and Olivia the Owls, and Luna the Last Dragon as their calm and safe sleep guides. In fact, everyone can enjoy this soothing meditation experience to fall asleep so fast!

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Give children the gift of developing their imaginations and relaxing their minds at bedtime, by listening along to these enchanting sleep stories for kids to fall asleep. This kids sleep meditation is spoken with a gentle female voice, accompanied with relaxing sleep music in the background to help soothe and calm all little ones as they drift off happily and easily into restful, deep sleep ...

We think it's so relaxing, even parents and grown ups can join along for blissful night time dreams! We hope you sleep so well :)

All of our Happy Minds sleep meditations are designed to help children feel safe and at ease as they learn to let go of any stress, anxiety or worries from busy days. Our meditation messages are always positive, so you can trust we are bringing you and your young ones only the very best.

We hope you enjoy this sleep meditation story collection with Freddie the Fox, Ollie and Olivia, and Luna the Last Dragon as your amazing new friends! :)

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Kids Sleep Meditation SLEEP & RELAXATION ANIMAL STORIES COLLECTION Children's Guided Meditation

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Sleep Music credits:

"Across the Sky", "A Pure Embrace", "Dream Frontiers", "The Ecstasy of Being" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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