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Key Search Trained in One Day! Dog Training!

Nate Schoemer

Learn the BEST Dog Training techniques on this channel!
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In todays video I'm going to attempt to teach my dog how to find lost keys and indicate in only one day!

Before starting this make sure your dog has completed the training in the following videos:

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Before we start training our dogs, we must know what motivates them. With any dog I start training, I like to begin with food and luring. Now, something I’m often asked by people is, “How do I train my dog when my dog doesn’t have any food motivation?” First, let me start by saying that every dog has food motivation, what varies is how intense the food motivation is. If you have a dog with low food motivation, there are techniques that you can use to increase that food drive.

Most dog’s low food motivation is caused by a few things: Either the dog has been overfed, freefed, given very high value food such as cooked steak, or sometimes just feeding out of a bowl can cause this. As a result, the dog just doesn’t care that much about getting fed as a reward.

A common technique that we like to use to correct a lack of food drive is food deprivation. For this you will want to use mealtime as a training time. Bring the dog out and offer food to train, if the dog is not interested, no big deal, put the food away and try again at dinner.

Again, if the dog is not interested, put the food away and try again the next day. Continue to do this until your dog is willing to work for the food. Be sure not to give the dog any food between training. The dog has to know that he will only get food that he works for. I’ve used this technique on dozens of dogs and it’s worked every time.

When we first start teaching a new command to a dog we start with continual reinforcement. Meaning, we reward the dog for the completion of every behavior we are teaching. Once the dog is performing the behavior on the command alone without the help of the physical cue, we then start spacing out the rewards.

The idea is that the dog must believe there is a possibility that he will receive a reward, but not that he will always receive a reward. Another way to look at it is when you first start training a dog, you are a vending machine. Every dollar (behavior) your dog puts in, they get their reward. Once your dog knows the command you must transition to a slot machine. Meaning, every dollar (behavior) your dog puts in, no longer guarantees a reward, but the hope is there. Just like people continue to put money into a slot machine, your dog will continue to perform behaviors for the possibility of the reward.

Once your dog is performing a behavior on the command alone, you can start spacing out the rewards.

Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

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