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Keizo Shimamoto Teaches me How to Make a Shoyu Ramen (Pro Recipe)

Way of Ramen

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When it comes to ramen in the US, there isn't anyone quite like Keizo. He is widely considered by a large number of hardcore ramen nerds to be one of, if not the best ramen chef in the country. He honed his craft working in ramen shops around Japan and within a few months of returning to the US, he invented the ultra viral ramen burger which landed him on national television. His shop, Ramen shack was a mecca for ramen nerds throughout the world and people would travel and wait in line to eat one of his bowls of ramen. though the new york shop is closed forever, he is bringing the shack back later this year in southern California.

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600ml Marudaizu Koikuchi Shoyu (丸大豆 醤油)
65ml Hon Mirin
10g Aged Sea Salt
20ml Thai Fish Sauce

Chicken Stock:
2 Whole Chickens (10lbs)
5lbs Chicken Feet
89L Water
Large Handful of Chicken skin
1/2 Head Napa Cabbage
1 Bulb of Garlic (cut in half)
50g Ginger (Peeled and sliced as thinly as possible)

5L Water
50g Ma Konbu
25g Dried Shiitake
65g Katsuobushi

Shallot Oil:
250ml Vegetable Oil
100g Shallots
25g Ginger
25g Garlic
25g Green Onions

Final Bowl:
100ml Dashi
200ml Chicken Stock
2022ml Tare
10ml Chiyu
510ml Shallot Oil

green onions
age negi

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