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K9 Kennel Store Quick n Clean Garage Kennel System

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Quick ‘N’ Clean Dog Parks for The Garage
If your dog stays at home while you’re away, or if you just want a great space for your pet to play, the Quick ‘N’ Clean play area is the perfect solution.
Your dog will love the soft turf surface to play and relax on, and you will love how easy it is to maintain.
Cleaning up after a dog can be unpleasant and timeconsuming. But now, sanitizing a play area is a snap.
Introducing, K9 Kennel’s, easy clean, and semiautomatic dog parks for home use.
These systems are designed for use in a garage, or outdoors.
Kenneling your dog in a garage, when nature calls can be a challenge. Which requires Constant vigilance and mopping so you or your dog don’t end up tracking it into the house. This also may have a tendency to untrain your dog that has been trained to go on the grass.
The Quick ‘N’ Clean system provides a grassy place for your dog to “go” and it’s easy to clean and keep sanitary because it has sloped galvanized steel trays that are connected to a shop vac via a plumbing system. Raised flooring sections fit into the trays making a strong floor that big dogs and people can safely walk on. The floor is then covered with pet rated, plush turf, creating a nice soft grass look and feel. Liquid quickly drains down through the turf into the trays, so the dog doesn’t track it about.
2’ tall, or optional 4’ tall, plastic side guards stop liquids from splashing out of the play area, and direct all liquid down into the trays.
Cleaning and sanitizing can be done in just minutes or even semiautomatically. To clean, simply turn on the vacuum and spray the turf with a cordless power washer. This only takes a few minutes and kills 99% of all virus, bacteria and fungus, when using K9 kennels disinfectant. The disinfectant can then be rinsed out with fresh water. The water quickly drains through the turf into the trays and is evacuated by the wet vacuum.
This system does not require a floor drain or dedicated sewer line because the wet vacuum comes with a builtin pump that will pump the liquid to a sewer drain in another room, up the stairs or outside. This means you would rarely have to dump the shop vac.
Quick ‘N’ Clean semiautomatic systems reduce the need to manually power wash the play area. The system automatically mixes and sprays disinfectant solution onto the turf. Then, it will spray fresh water to rinse out the disinfectant. The wet vac sucks the water out and pumps it to a sewer.
Finally, the optional dryoff fans can be activated to dry the turf. This can all be done with timers that can be set to clean the play area at night, so the turf is clean and dry for the next day.
Please note, that whether you are cleaning manually or semiautomatically all solid waste must be removed with a scoop and spot washed with the cordless power washer prior to cleaning.
The Quick ‘N’ Clean system is available in multiple sizes and other styles such as traditional kennels, walk in pods, potty stations and cage banks.
Accessories to consider when ordering your Quick ‘N’ Clean dog park include: the light weight cordless power washer that draws from a hose, a bucket or a bottle; the wet vacuum with pump; lockable casters to easily move the play area; colored plastic side guards for a bright and colorful environment and K9 Kennel Cleaner disinfect.
Plumbing measures 4” off the back wall and comes with a quick connect sewer line. Floor trays and wire panels are galvanized to help prevent rust. Assembly is required.
Contact our helpful and knowledgeable staff to place your order today!

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